Take your service to the next level with Jana

A solution that combines powerful concierge software, new channels of communication, and an application for your guests.

Optimise your day-to-day work

Enhance the management of your work with a solution tailored to your needs.

Improve guest satisfaction

Give your guests personalized service and a unique travel experience.

Simplify communication

Streamline and simplify the communication between your hotel and its clientele.

Concierge tools

Efficiently meet the needs of your guests

A tool with desktop and mobiles versions, Jana Requests Management enables you to improve your guests’ trip organisation and address any of their specific needs.
Developed to optimize team work, communication and guests requests’ tracking, our concierge software helps save time and boosts productivity.

Jana Concierge Requests Management

Connected to your hotel's PMS

Don't see your PMS? Contact us to connect to our application.


Enhance customer engagement and boost the volume of requests

Your guests are unique: strengthen your unique relationship with them. By facilitating and multiplying channels of communication, you improve customer engagement and increase volume of requests. Your new communication tool makes your concierge service accessible and available any time of the day.

Jana Concierge Communication inbox
Guest Experience

Give your guests a unique experience

97% of guests will pick a hotel based on the services provided. In order to reach customer satisfaction and increase loyalty, your guests have real-time access to a web app available on their smartphone or tablet without downloading. Jana offers essential support in travel planning as well as a recommendation service and tailored advice.

Jana Concierge Guest Experience
Performance Tools

Measure, drive and control.

Leverage your data and Key Performance Indicators in order to drive growth. From generated revenues to guest satisfaction measurement, Jana Performance Tool provides clear data for you to pilot your activity.

Jana Concierge Performance Tool

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