Jana guarantees your quality of service and customer satisfaction

Your new concierge software assists in the daily life of your guest-facing teams and offers a unique guest experience that exceeds the new digital expectations of your customers.

Streamline your daily routines

Your new web application allows your guest-facing teams to save time and simplify guest request management.

Coordinate your teams

Share information across all your departments in order to promote teambuilding and collaborative work.

Improve customer satisfaction

Put your services in your guests' pockets. Increase customer engagement by relieving them of all the stress involved in planning their trip.

Enhance communcation

Add value to your concierge service by strengthening direct contact with your customers; improve the accesibility and availablity of your services.

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Exceed the expecations of your guests

The web application designed for your employees allows them to handle a greater volume of guest requests in less time. Jana reduces the daily pressure of your teams and helps them to seamlessly collaborate by centralising information that can be shared instantaneously.

Jana Concierge Requests Management

Connected to your hotel's PMS

Don't see your PMS? Contact us to connect to our application!


Strengthen a personalised relationship with your guest

Jana promotes the accessiblity and availability of your guest-facing teams by allowing your guests to contact you directly via their favorite messaging application. Streamline the management of guest requests by centralising all communication in one single mutli-channel inbox. Create a unique and lasting connection with your customers, all while using it to highlight your hotel's services.

Jana Concierge Communication inbox
Guest experience

Boost sales of your services via your guest's smartphone

74% of travellers are stressed by planning their trip (Oracle). Directly connected to your concierge service, Jana becomes the essential assistant for your customers by simplifying the planning of their trip. Highlight your hotel's services on your guest's smartphone and increase your revenue.

Jana Concierge Guest Experience
Performance Tools

Measure, drive, and control

Measure the results of your work in real-time. Don't waste any more time with billing. Provide transparency to your management by automatically generating detailed activity reports.

Jana Concierge Performance Tool

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