A thoughtful mix between passion and technicality

Working for 10 years in the most prestigious French Palaces, mainly as a concierge, taught Adrien one thing: Individual qualities are not enough to satisfy a guest. The keys to guest satisfaction are the quality, consistency, and chemistry of the entire team.

In light of this and with the spirit of an entrepreneur, Adrien embarked on the journey of bringing technological innovation to the time-honored hotel industry, and more specifically to the revered concierge profession. He focused his efforts on creating the best team-oriented tool possible. Adrien joined forces with Simon, graphic designer and UX/UI expert, to build a lightning-fast, intuitive app.

Not long after Adrien joined Le Wagon, a web developer school, where he met Julien and Jake who quickly joined the project as full-stack developers, tasked with creating the apps’ back-end features.
And that is how Jana was born!

Preserve an ancient profession

The concierge is a unique hotel profession at the very heart of customer service. However, this trade is weakening in the face of digitalization. We want to help concierges into a digital transition which is necessary to improve the guest experience. We want to renew value and restore prestige to this honorable craft, while becoming the prefered partner of hotels everywhere.

Develop the accessibility and digitalization of concierge services

Only 38% of guests staying in hotels use concierge services. Our ambition is to significantly increase this number. In order to do so, we’re working on creating web solutions that are simultaneously simple, accessible and powerful for hotel staff as well as their guests.

Our commitments,
your solution


Your professions are already difficult. We understand that technology exists to improve your work, not get in your way.


Created by concierges for concierges. We are committed to always be attentive to your needs in order to offer you an application that suits you best.


It is noble to serve others. We understand. And we provide you with the best in order to better serve you


Discretion and confidentiality is your number one priority and ours. We are committed to maintain the confidentiality and protection of your personal data, and to remain compliant with GDPR norms.

Our partners

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