Create a unique and lasting relationship with your customers

Use your customers' preferred communication channels and create consistent, powerful contact with them. Improve your response rate and that of your guests so that no question remains unanswered.

Exceed the expectations of your customers and boost their engagement with your brand

Multiply your channels of communication to satisfy your clientele. Communicate with your customers using their preferred channels in order to strengthen personalised relationships and boost occupancy & sales rates.

Omni-channel Inbox

Easily manage all your customers' messages in one centralised place where you can keep track of everything, not letting anything slip through the cracks.


In a world ruled by mobile devices, SMS messaging is an essential tool for your communication: 90% of text messages are read in the first three minutes.


WhatsApp is the world's leading messaging application with 1.5 billion users across more than 180 different countries.


Diversify your channels of guest communication with 1.3 billion active Messenger users.

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Allow your guests to use the most popular messaging apps and improve their engagement with your hotel!

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