A customer app for your travelers.

Jana offers the guest simple access to their concierges, thanks to a guest app which doesn’t require account creation or download. Improve your image and give them an unforgettable experience.

A stress-free trip

74% of travelers find organising a trip stressful. This is why concierges play such a central role for them. Jana Experience helps you efficiently relieve your guests of this burden, before, during, and after their stay.


Make life easier for travelers by enabling them to place their requests from their smartphone.


Offer guests easy access to their itinerary, available anytime of the day.

Monitoring in real time

Jana logs every request and booking in real time, enabling you to monitor their processing status.


Email, texts, messenger, whatsapp etc. Your guests stay connected to your hotel, all through one dedicated phone number.

Showcase your services,
share your best addresses.

The guest app is not just a support for your guests. It’s also a marketing tool for your hotel, allowing you to highlight the services of your hotel and your best partners.

Recommendations & advices

Thanks to new possibilities, your guests feel heard and will let you know.

Guest service directory

Increase your hotel's revenues thanks to an authentic digital brochure of your services.

Get started now

Give the guest app to your guests, boost your sales and improve customer satisfaction !

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