Tools to manage and track your hotel concierge service

We provide several tools in order to optimise data management and measure your hotel's performance. With detailed statistics of your service providers, managing your activities becomes easy and user-friendly.

Measure your hotel performance thanks to Stats & Reporting tools

Stats & Reporting tools allow you to measure your return on investment (ROI) by shaping a global, yet precise, vision of your activity. Use key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to measure activity, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Financial dashboard

A global vision of the concierge desk sales revenue.

Customer activity tracking

Identify your most loyal guests and track their activities precisely.

Your partners' performance

Measure your ROI and get the best out of your list of service providers.

Export .xls

Easily create activity reports with excel file export.

Control accounting,
Manage service provider relationships

Always keep an eye on payouts and advances and record your contact list in one place, available to the whole team.


Detailed and transparent history of hotel payouts and advances.

Supplier contact book

From restaurants to transportation services, easily manage your suppliers database. Customize info and synchronise it with Google Maps.

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