Maximise the productivity of your teams & exceed the expectations of your guests

Give your team the best tools to be more productive and organised and to meet the needs of your most demanding guests!

Save time and simplify your daily life

Finally, a professional, intuitive application that reduces the daily pressure on your teams! Jana makes managing requests easier and promotes collaborative work in order to be fully devoted to the safisafction of each customer.


Packages, Luggage, TBCF, Parking management: All your services in the same place so you can easily and quickly communicate between teammates, never losing a detail.

Integrated calendar

Plan your guest’s stay and all your daily tasks within the interactive Jana calendar.

Automatic SMS & Email Confirmations

Eliminate paper printouts and say "goodbye" to all the lost time it took to take them up the room. Keep track of all your guests, even those who are not in the hotel.

Service Provider Directory

Manage your list of service providers with ease thanks to a connection to Google Maps. Share this knowledge between all your customer-facing teams.

Connect your teams and streamline collaborative work

Organise and facilitate your teams' work. Thanks to a flawless tracking and documentation of your guests, their needs will never again be misunderstood or lost.

Office Chat

Never lose important information; enhance teamwork among your concierges and guest-facing service teams.

Dynamic Instructions

Communicate instructions quickly and easily between different departments and focus on the customer relationship.

Onboard your teams

Increase productivity and indepedance by centralising information and sharing it effortlessly.

Deepen your
customer knowledge

Personalise your communication, predict your guests' expectations, and guarantee them a unique experience based on their personal preferences gleaned from a rich, synchronised customer database.

Enhanced Customer Profile

General & contact information, preferences, habits, etc. help personalise your customer relationship and strengthen your image.

Customer Segmentation and Party Management

Simplify time-consuming, recurring tasks by segmenting your customers and replicate one task across the group, performing it for each individual automatically.

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