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Your digital hotel concierge service

Even if they often work in the shadows, hotel concierges play a key role. Attentive to travellers, they do everything in their power to satisfy their needs and requests in order to make their stay the best possible. From cultural visits and activities, to recommendations on the best restaurants and securing reservations: The hotel concierge is responsible for travellers’ satisfaction and making their experience unique.
However, with the democratisation of smartphones, travellers don’t request help from concierges anymore because they can now find the best restaurants and book with one click.
In this digital era how can a concierge still be relevant?

Constantly on our phones

Did you know that 65% of the world’s population and 85% of France’s population now use a smartphone? There are actually more smartphones than humans on the planet 7.7 billion vs 7.4!
This is a real societal phenomenon and the hospitality industry would be a fool not to take advantage of this development. In fact, 99% of hotel clients use a smartphone.
So how can we reach this hyper digitised clientele?

Companies in various sectors have transformed their services by adopting modern technology, and the hospitality sector is no exception. When it comes to booking a table or an outdoor activity or even transportation to the airport, clients immersed in technology rely on the web rather than asking a concierge.
After years of strong growth, the hospitality sector must achieve its digital transformation in order to keep up with the times. But how can hotels and especially concierge services go digital without compromising human relations?

Key role of the hotel concierge

With travellers coming from every part of the globe, and from every culture and language, concierges – as well as being considered like a personal assistant – must master the role of an international diplomat while staying attentive to each individual. They must make sure that each minute counts.

Technology has brought a new face to this role in an era where everything is expected quickly and increasingly in real time. While a human face is always essential, it would be interesting to think about the synergy between a concierge and technology via a personalised application in order to create a connection to guests 24/7 throughout their stay, book-ended by a smooth follow-up. Hotels can make a real difference and stand out from the competition by leveraging the digitisation of services, allowing concierges to keep track of client preferences, bookings and even keep in touch while they are off site (before, during, and after their stay). In addition, hotels will be able to create new commercial opportunities, offer new services or even promote events. When you improve the guest experience you increase guest fidelity. The main goal is to give each traveller the best possible experience.

Hotel concierge software

Why choose a digital conciergerie software?

In order to differentiate themselves from the competition, hotels must make their guests the foremost concern in their strategy and must focus on excellent quality services, including digital development. This niche market is only just beginning, but it also means that now is the best time to invest in this strategy and gain a competitive advantage. Not yet convinced? Let’s look at the pros of our digital conciergerie app.

  • Keep client requests centralised
    Thanks to a secure client application, travellers can send you requests 24/7. Prioritizing efficiency, all these requests are received and centralised in one place: the application omni-inbox. This allows you to fulfill demands easily and in a timely manner. Note that none of the answers are automated, as it is essential to focus on human experience and interaction. We value creating a personalised reply each time in order to offer the best experience possible.
  • Collect and harness guest data
    Thanks to the richness of data selected via our application, you can make better decisions and improve activity: offer additional services with more confidence, optimise the guest experience and anticipate future needs.
    You can also better target your guests with personalised offers and services as well as offer them promotions and exclusive discounts for an experience more and more unique.
  • Increase employee productivity
    This tool is an incredible time saver for your team thanks to automation of recurring tasks as well as an internal chat that insures a smooth follow up to all requests and simplifies communication between employees. This makes it easier to track your team’s productivity.
  • Client satisfaction evaluation
    A digital conciergerie app is an excellent tool to measure client satisfaction through feedback collected from the guest post-stay.
  • Better engagement and fidelity
    A better guest experience is a strong asset to establish trust and increase fidelity. This helps you target a larger audience as apps tend to attract a younger, more tech-savvy audience.

In the hospitality industry, prompt replies and an interactive interface can take the guest experience to a new level and is essential to increasing sales. To compensate for today’s lack of tools dealing with an always-connected clientele, Jana has the right solution. With ten years of experience in the best french palaces, our team gives you access to a professional tool to support you in the management of your daily tasks. Because human interaction is our central concern, our mission is to spotlight this beautiful profession and help you make a digital transition. Manage client requests efficiently, increase productivity and processing speed. Develop your guest experience thanks to custom content and significantly increased traveler fidelity… With a friendly and personalised approach, your team will truly be able to offer a tailor-made service to your guests.

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