Simplify your rental management and boost your revenues

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Save time with your vacation rental software and develop new revenues by selling additional services from your tenants' smartphones.

Simplify your organization

Easily coordinate the management of your rental properties. Centralize and automate your daily tasks to free up your time... lots of it.

Centralize all information

Say goodbye to your paper or digital diary and your old spreadsheets. Centralize all information on your properties, their owners, service providers and tenants in the JanaBnB platform. View your bookings, tasks and assignments on a single, shared schedule.

Receive notification of new reservations

A new booking on your ad platform? Thanks to iCals links, JanaBnB informs you of their presence and automatically imports them into your unique calendar.

Automate task and assignment management

JanaBnB automatically schedules essential tasks (Check-in, Check-out) related to reservations. Assign them to the right people, who will be automatically notified by email of their next tasks.

Coordinate your teams effortlessly

Don't waste any more time coordinating your teams: invite your colleagues to the application so that everyone can share and access the same information.

Simplify pre-stay procedures

Get all the information you need in advance (arrival time, passport, ...) to efficiently coordinate your tenants' arrival details.

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Develop new sources of revenue

Property management will no longer be your sole source of income. Sell additional services to your tenants thanks to a mobile web application available by email, with no need to download or create an account.

Your service catalog on your customers' smartphones

Increase your tenants' average shopping basket by offering them additional services (romance pack, welcome pack, wine or champagne, basic groceries, transport, interim cleaning, late check-out, etc.) directly on their smartphone.

Sell your services before their stay even begins

Thanks to Jana's automatic scenarios, boost pre-stay additional sales tenfold by giving your tenants access to the mobile web application a few days before their arrival.

Cash in now

Let your customers reserve and pay for their orders by credit card, directly from the application!

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Increase customer loyalty and commitment

Multiply the points of interaction with your customers thanks to the dedicated mobile web application, and save yourself hours of customer support thanks to the immediate availability of information.

A digital welcome booklet

Offer your customers a dedicated personal space, directly on their smartphone. Save yourself hours of customer support by giving them access to essential information about the property, their stay and your concierge service.

Advise and retain your tenants

Your tenants are on vacation to visit a region and take part in all kinds of activities. Share your tourist tips and recommendations within the customer application and help make their stay a success.

Automated pre-stay communication

Send pre-programmed messages to your tenants, allowing them to prepare for their arrival without any extra effort on your part.

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